Reveal Ford Focus hidden functions with ELM327 scanner

Recently, Ford Focus owners are getting excited because hidden functions of the vehicle are now accessible. However, since the original Ford IDS diagnositc cable, the tool to open these funcitons is so costly that car owners are hestitate to try.

Now, I would like to introduce my way to open these functions with $19.99 ELM327 scanner.

Step 1: Create a backup of the vehicle data in case anything goes wrong.

Step 2: Find OBD port, and conenct ELM327 with your car and your laptop.

conenct ELM327

Step 3: Turn on the ignition key and shift to the 2nd gear.

Step 4: Run the ELM327 software and start ROM upgrade. The ELM327 tool working light will blink. Wait for a few minutes later, the hidden functions will be available then.

Run the ELM327 software and start ROM upgrade

Step 5: Now your dashboard will warn TPMS fault, indicating that the hidden TPMS reading function is now available.

Reveal Ford Focus hidden functions with ELM327 scanner step 5

Step 6: Restart the EPS module to eliminate the TPMS fault warning.

Reveal Ford Focus hidden functions with ELM327 scanner step 6

Step 7: Enter dashboard setting and save the tire preseure.

Step 8: Long press the remote key and you will find that your sunroof can open and close automatically.

Step 9: Go for a trip and shift from the 1st gear to the 7th gear during the driving, and your car will be able to lock your vehilce from the inside. By now, you are finished.

I have opened functions such as overpeed warning, automatic lock, tire pressure monitoring, remote sunroof control and cruise control. A friend of mine who has installed xenon lamp can even adopts the tool to open xenon model, keeping his car computer from alarming because of the use of xenon lamp.

User experience with 1.5V elm327 WIFI

Once I played with an OBD2 connector, ELM327, which can see various datas from the computer of the car via smart phones, iphone, ipad and ipod.

It seems like can also reset and display of the error codes, but I do not know well yet.

There are two ways of connection, via WiFi connection and Bluetooth connection the iPhone. (Like Bluetooth version, Android is somewhat cumbersome.) I have ordered the WiFi myself, so iPhone users. (US$24.99 now)


Insert face down the label of the ELM327 device to the vehicle as picture.


Now, it is confirmed by WiFi setting screen of the iPhone then. It is named CLKDevices here. this device name is different from people to people. However, as the IP address and subnet mask is the same as everyone.

ELM327 wifi

I was able to WiFi settings in the app without any problems. It was OK just to select the Kiwi WiFi in HardWare of Settings. It was a mile display by default, changes to the display Km was also possible.

Fuel level indicator in the CLA does not seem to work properly from it. In the state of just rammed the iPhone accessory case on the center console, only chiller while driving


Therefore, above is about my experience with 1.5V elm327 WIFI, and it is also a Bluetooth version and other similar items, for iphones, ipad, smart phones and so on.

Go to check: Wifi ELM327 Scanner for iPad iPhone

WWDC for iPhone and iPad with new design and conference schedule

WWDC 2.0 for iPhone and iPadWWDC 2.0 for iPhone and iPad

With WWDC less than two weeks away now, Apple has released WWDC 2.0 for iPhone and iPad today on the App Store. The update revamps the user interface to reflect the design changes introduced with iOS 7 at last year’s WWDC conference. The update also includes a new icon to reflect the design changes: from dark purple to bright orange. The update also includes the latest schedule for this year’s conference (or as much as it will reveal) so developers attending the conference will want to download and reference it soon.

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference is scheduled to kick off on June 2 in San Francisco, just 12 days from today, where Apple will introduce the next versions of both iOS and OS X.

Our own Mark Gurman has reported earlier this month that the conference will focus heavily on the major design changes coming to the Mac operating system as the first follow up to Mavericks, OS X 10.10, is revealed publicly. The latest version of iOS will also be demoed including new health-centric software called Healthbook, new iPad multitasking features, and more.

iPad Pro Photo

An image of an aluminium backplate for what looks like the rumoured, larger, iPad Prohas . Although details are unclear, not to mention incredibly sketchy, this looks like an aluminium mockup dummy unit, not an actual iPad part. The image was first spotted by

iPad Pro

Unfortunately, the image does not show much more than an increased physical size (implying a larger display), as shown by the relative size of the Apple logo and camera hole. A cutout for the rear camera can be seen in the top-left corner, as is standard with current iPads. We should note that this would be very easily faked, so the validity of the picture is very much up in the air.

Rumours of an iPad Pro have been swirling for a while, although the news has died down in recent months. Most notably, the Wall Street Journal reported that Apple was testing iPads with significantly larger screens in July 2013. However, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reiterated that the 12.9 inch iPad was still in the pipeline, as part of KGI Research’s predictions for the rest of the year. Kuo said the big iPad is unlikely to come out in 2014, however.

The concept of an iPad Pro still seems comical to think about, but this latest image from Weibo only adds fuel to the fire that it might actually be a real thing. 9to5Mac has previously reported that Apple is working on a two-apps-at-one-time mode for the iPad, which would synergize well with a larger-screened iPad device.

iPhone 6 With NFC Technology

Apple is gearing up to incorporate Near Field Communication (NFC) technology in the iPhone 6.

iphone NFC

Integrating NFC into the iPhone 6 would be a bit of a surprise move by Apple, as the company’s head of marketing Phil Schiller stated in 2012 that the technology was “not the solution to any current problem.” Notably, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predictedlast month that Apple would integrate NFC chips into the next-generation iPhone alongside a host of other features.

The news also comes as Apple is pursuing plans to develop a mobile payment solution, which will be possibly tied to the Touch ID fingerprint sensor currently found in the iPhone 5s and reportedly headed for the iPhone 6 and next-generation iPads. It is also possible that Apple combines its existing Touch ID fingerprint scanner and NFC technology into the home button, as the company filed for a patent detailing such a system last September.

Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 6 in two sizes of 4.7-inches and 5.5-inches later this year, with the smaller version of the phone launching ahead of the larger model. Aside from a larger display, the iPhone 6 will likely feature a thinner profile, a faster A8 processor, and an improved camera in the form of image stabilization. Apple is also said to be negotating with carriers for a $100 price increase on the iPhone 6.

ELM327 WIFI OBD2 Scan Tool Support Android and iPhone/iPad

ELM327 WIFI OBD2 scanner is the latest PC-based scan tool. ELM327 WIFI supports all OBD-II protocols and is dispatched with a number of compatible programs. The output protocol (connection to laptop) is USB cable.It is easy to use and very useful to diagnose cars. It use ELM327 software.


ELM327 Wifi OBD2 Scanner Function:

1. Read diagnostic trouble codes, both generic and manufacturer-specific, and display their meaning (over 3000 generic code definitions in the database).

2. Clear trouble codes and turn off the MIL (“Check Engine” light)

3. Display current sensor data, including: Engine RPM; Calculated Load Value; Coolant Temperature; Fuel System Status; Vehicle Speed; Short Term Fuel Trim; Long Term Fuel Trim; Intake Manifold Pressure; Timing Advance; Intake Air Temperature; Air Flow Rate; Absolute Throttle Position;Oxygen sensor voltages/associated short term fuel trims; Fuel System status;Fuel Pressure.

ELM327 Wifi OBD2 Scanner Specification:

1. OBD-II Protocols:ISO15765-4 (CAN);ISO14230-4 (KWP2000);ISO9141-2;J1850 VPW;J1850 PWM

2. Output protocol:RS232 Baud rate:9600 or 38400 Indicator LEDs:OBD Tx/Rx, RS232 Tx/Rx, Power Operating voltage:12V, internal protection from short circuits/overvoltages

Nominal idle current:45 mA

3. Available cars:

Bens 2001/02/03 W203 C200K (ISO)

BMVV X5 2002 (ISO) Chevrolet Aveo (ISO)

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iOBD2 Bluetooth Auto Scanner for iPhone/Android

Supported Device and APP
iOBD2 Bluetooth Scanner Function:
1. Performance Gauges:
1). Engine speed
2). Corrected vehicle speed
3). Open/closed loop
4). Boost/vacuum combo gauge
5). Acceleration (and braking)
Fuel Economy Gauges:
1). Inst. fuel economy
2). Avg fuel economy
Engine Gauges:
1). Timing (spark advance)
2). Engine coolant temp.
3). Intake air temp.
4). Ambient air temp.
5). Manifold absolute pressure
6). Mass air flow
7). Fuel trims, short and long term
8). Percent engine load
9). Catalyst temp.
10). Fuel pressure
11). Lambda gauge
12). Air/fuel ratio
iOBD2 Bluetooth Diagnostic Functions:
Read DTC: Read the current DTC that engine has stored, and DTC info.
Clear DTC: Clear all the current DTC.
Display DTC Definition: Show all the definition and explanation of DTCs.
Guide Maintenance:Guide how to maintenance the problems of car according to the trouble codes.
Live data: Read all the running parameters that related to the ECU.
Freeze frame data: OBD system will record the system running parameters related to the malfunction the moment when it occurred at the same time when it set the DTC. And this group of data is called freeze frame data.
Readiness test: Readiness reflects the status that all the valid diagnostic functions. The diagnostic functions are referring to the important monitoring functions in OBD system, e.g. Oxygen sensor monitoring, Oxygen sensor heater monitoring, and EGR system monitoring, etc. These diagnostic functions are closely related to the engine emission control.
Read vehicle info: Read vehicle info such as Vehicle Identification Number(VIN), Calibration IDs(CALID) and Calibration Verification Number (CVN).
Oxygen Sensor test: This service is to allow access to the on-board oxygen sensor monitoring test results. The same information may be obtained by the use of [Mode 6 test].
Mode 6 test: This service is to allow access to the results for on-board diagnostic monitoring tests of specific components/systems that are not continuously monitored. Examples are catalyst monitoring and the evaporative system monitoring.
EVAP System Test: The purpose of this service is to enable the external test equipment to control the operation of an on-board system, test or component.

iPhone 6 white/silver Picture

It’s been rumored that the iPhone 6 will borrow design characteristics from Apple’s fifth generation iPod touch, but regardless of how many photos, mockups, orschematics we’ve seen, there’s no way to verify the design accuracy of these images. It’s very possible that case manufactures are playing a game of telephone with rumored schematics and designing their own models to get ahead of the game.

While these images are consistent with previous rumors and mockups, it’s best to take this kind of stuff with a grain of salt. Don’t worry though, all will be unveiled later this year when Apple officially announces the iPhone 6.

iphone 6  white/silver