User experience with 1.5V elm327 WIFI

Once I played with an OBD2 connector, ELM327, which can see various datas from the computer of the car via smart phones, iphone, ipad and ipod.

It seems like can also reset and display of the error codes, but I do not know well yet.

There are two ways of connection, via WiFi connection and Bluetooth connection the iPhone. (Like Bluetooth version, Android is somewhat cumbersome.) I have ordered the WiFi myself, so iPhone users. (US$24.99 now)


Insert face down the label of the ELM327 device to the vehicle as picture.


Now, it is confirmed by WiFi setting screen of the iPhone then. It is named CLKDevices here. this device name is different from people to people. However, as the IP address and subnet mask is the same as everyone.

ELM327 wifi

I was able to WiFi settings in the app without any problems. It was OK just to select the Kiwi WiFi in HardWare of Settings. It was a mile display by default, changes to the display Km was also possible.

Fuel level indicator in the CLA does not seem to work properly from it. In the state of just rammed the iPhone accessory case on the center console, only chiller while driving


Therefore, above is about my experience with 1.5V elm327 WIFI, and it is also a Bluetooth version and other similar items, for iphones, ipad, smart phones and so on.

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