Review: XTOOL iOBD2 Mini Bluetooth a good DIY code reader

Here I share my review on XTOOL iOBD2 Mini Bluetooth Scanner: all tested OK, read and clear DTC codes, view real-time data and graph to check car status…

I bought XTOOL iOBD2 Mini Bluetooth only $25.99 last week, it is a car fault code reader for IOS and Android.


It came in a nice transparent plastic box like iPod earphone.

Open it I saw the 16 pin adapter unit and a small piece of user manual which show how to connect it with car.

Just plug it into your car OBD2 port, the blue LED light is on and it connect OK with car!


Turn on car ignition and tab the Bluetooth button to turn my iphone Bluetooth on.


After that I saw XTOOL iOBD2 Mini main menu display as below: Diagnostic, Dashboard, Performance, Graphing, Setting and History.


On Dashboard section, I saw many parameters available like engine speed, vehicle speed, voltage, fuel consumption, mass air flow, coolant temperature and ignition timing.


On Graphing section, I could view RPM speed in dynamic graph.


And most important part: Diagnostic.

Let’s take a closer look!


XTOOL iOBD2 Mini Diagnostic menu include: trouble code, live data, freeze frame, readiness test, vehicle info, O2 sensor test, on-board monitor test and component test.

So many functions! This time I only tested the “trouble code” because my car got the EML dashboard light always on even the problem solved!


XTOOL iOBD2 Mini read out the DTC fault codes: P0420 and P0430.

I press the “Clear trouble code” button and EML light was gone!

xtool-iobd2-mini-review-nissan-10 xtool-iobd2-mini-review-nissan-9

That’s all my review. For me XTOOL iOBD2 Mini is really a good DIY code reader and a daily car scanner!

I post the link if you are also interested:

XTOOL MINI iOBD2 Bluetooth Scanner

XTOOL recently released iOBD2 MINI Bluetooth Scanner; how much do you know that? Here, all useful information concerned are offered.


1. How to install iOBD2 app & adapter
1) iOBD2 app installation

supported device and application:
XTOOL iOBD2 mini Bluetooth scanner only supports wifi connection of Iphone, Itouch Pod, ipad with IOS 4.3 or later and Android OS 2.3 or later

-iPod touch: first/ second/ third generation
-iPhone: iPhone, iPhone 3, iPhone 3GS iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5?iPhone6,iPhone 6s,iPhone 6 plus,iPhone 6S plus
-iPad: iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad Mini

– All android smart phone and tablet

Installation of IOS version
–Install by smart phone
Open the App store, search iOBD2, download the app and install.
–Install by iTunes
Download and install iTunes. Then search iOBD2 on iTunes, download the app and install.

Installation of Android version
–Install by website
Open iOBD2 official website, download iOBD2 to the phone and install.
–Install by Google play store
Download Google play store. Search iOBD2 on Google play, download the app and install.


When installing the app, please do not delete data or format memory card, otherwise it may lead to app installation failed.

When the install finished, click “open” to run the app (before running the app, please set Bluetooth connection, otherwise it cannot read the data); click “complete” to exit. The shortcut of iOBD2 will appear on the main screen when the app installed successfully. Click to open iOBD2 and the screen will show as follows.
2) iOBD2 Adapter connection
Plug the iOBD2 adapter into the OBD II port on the car; turn the ignition on without starting
the engine. The OBD II port is usually under the dashboard, but it may be different on different car models.

2. How to connect Bluetooth
1) Bluetooth Setting
-Bluetooth connection on iOS devices: Turn on Bluetooth on the mobile. Find iOBD2 device and connect.

-Bluetooth connection on Android devices: Turn on Bluetooth on the mobile. Find iOBD2 device and connect.
2) Connection
-Connection on iOS devices: When the Bluetooth is successfully connected, open the APP iOBD2 on the smart phone. Click Setting button, select Connection option. Diagnostics is not available unless the setting of hardware, connection and car information is correct.
-Connection on Android devices: When the Bluetooth is successfully connected, open the APP iOBD2 on the smart phone. Click Setting button, select connection mode. Diagnostics is not available unless the setting of hardware, connection and car information is correct.

3. What might happen when first use iOBD2 scanner?
Sleep Mode
When iOBD2 is power on for the first time, if it does not communicate with the car within Waiting Time, and battery voltage is below the Limiting Voltage, it will go to sleep mode. The default waiting time is 15 minutes. This parameter can be modified.

When the battery voltage is below the Limiting Voltage and within 5 minutes there is no communication between iOBD2 and the car, iOBD2 will go into sleep mode. When the battery voltage is above the Limiting Voltage, it will wake up. The default Limiting Voltage is 12.6V. This parameter can be modified. When iOBD2 is connected with the car for the first time, you can diagnose the car within 15 minutes. If there is no any diagnostic operations over 15 minutes, iOBD2 will automatically go into sleep mode. Only when the battery voltage is above the Limiting Voltage, or the actual waiting time is shorter than the setting Waiting Time, can iOBD2 wake up.

4. Diagnose
This function includes the following testing items. After finish each item, click the APP interface and save the data so that you can review the history record later.
[Trouble code]: Reads the current DTC with detailed information on reasons lead to the DTC and advice to repair
the car.
[Live data]: Reads all the running parameters related to the ECU.
[Freeze frame]: ECU will set DTCs and record the data stream of the car engine at the moment when emissions
related faults occurred. The data is called freeze frame data.
[Readiness test]: Shows the status of readiness test. Click Readiness test in the menu, the screen will display the
test status of the car.
Supported and complete: It means the car supports this test and has completed.
Supported but incomplete: It means the car supports this test but it is not yet completed.
Unsupported: It means the car does not support this test.
[Vehicle information]: Read vehicle info such as Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), Calibration IDs (CALID) and
Calibration Verification Number (CVN).
[O2 Sensor test]: This service is to allow access to the on-board oxygen sensor monitoring test results. The same
information may be obtained by the use of [Mode 6 test].
[On-board Monitor Test]: To monitor the operation of the system of external device control panel.
[Component Test]: Allowed to access a particular component / the diagnostic monitoring results of incontinuous
monitoring system. E.g., the monitoring of the catalyst and evaporation system

5. My Dashboard
[My dashboard] function includes:
[Idle mode]: engine rotational speed, water temperature, battery voltage, air-intake temperature, instant fuel consumption (static), average fuel consumption
[Cruise mode]: vehicle speed, the current engine load, water temperature, vehicle traveled time, vehicle travel average speed, continuous running mileage, instant fuel consumption (dynamic)
[Sport mode]: engine rotational speed, vehicle speed, water temperature etc.
[Custom mode]: allows changing live data with preferred readings such as power, torque, horsepower, etc.

6. Performance Test
[Performance test] function includes:
[Accelerate/Decelerate test]: Test acceleration/deceleration process time and distance.
[0 to 400m acceleration test]: Test spending time from 0 to 400 meters.

7. Performance Graph
[Rpm – km/h] displays directly the vehicle’s speed and the revolutions by curve
[Rpm – Nm – kW] displays the revolutions, torque and power by curve

8. Setting
It allows users to set the language, connection, unit, and Alarm. In the vehicle setting, user can change parameters such as weight, fuel consumption coefficient, speed coefficient

9. History
It is to save and review the recorded diagnostic data of the tested cars, such as live data, freeze frame data and my dashboard data.

10. Trip Route
This function can track your driving route.
For iOS devices, select Setting on the phone, choose Privacy, Open the Location Services, and turn on iOBD2 interface. Run the iOBD2 app, choose “My dashboard”, and start driving the car, it will automatically track the driving route and save it on History menu. When exiting “My dashboard”, it will stop tracking the driving route. You can review the saved tracking route in History menu.
For Android devices, the trip route tracking is open by default. You can check the recorded trip route in the History menu. To open or close the trip route tracking function, you can click the Setting button and find the Track option.

11. How to update diagnostic software
Users can find out the latest software release information, download and install software by logging in to App store.
More information, please visit iOBD2 official site

12. Cautions & Warnings for use
Please read following tips before you use iOBD2 adapter:
Please plug the iOBD2 adapter correctly into your car by following the installation
instructions before operating.When driving the car, please do not operate this unit. Any distraction may cause anaccident.
iOBD2 communicates with cars via Bluetooth. Please do not use this product in the places with strong electro-magnetic interference in order to ensure communication proper.
All information on this manual is based on the latest iOBD2 version. XTOOLTECH reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice.

Check more details:

Disconnection Error with XTool iOBD2 BMW Diagnostic Tool

I bought my Xtool iOBD2 BMW diagnostic tool for iphone/ipad on shop on-line several days ago.I came across some troubles during the connection. After communicating with customer service Olivia, my problem was solved successfully. This is the dialog.

Dear Olivia:
Good morning. How are you today? I’m Dennis. I bought Xtool BMW diagnostic tool on your shop, I’m satisfied with the fast delivery, complete package and good price, but there is something wrong with it now.
My vehicle model is BMW X5. This is my operation process.
At the beginning, the Bluetooth connection was normal and activation was also successful.
Xtool-BMW-diagnostic-tool-1 Xtool-BMW-diagnostic-tool-2
The connection seems well, but the following error “the connection has been disconnected, please reconnect” appeared.


Then I tried other apps with the same problems. I have no idea about what to do next. Please help me!

Dear Dennis?
This is not a thorny problem.You just need to give me serial number of your device. Our engine will check which type of your diagnostic tool is, iobd2 bmw or iobd2 obd. Actually, the most important point is that you have to choose the matched app according to your device. Because you choose the fault app, your connection is failed.

XTOOL iOBD2 work fine on Focus 2010  

Write this review in a hurry and sorry for my screenshots, without too many skills. But i hope this can helps someone need mini OBDII scanner with Apple products, iPhone or iPad.

This is iOBD2 scanner i got from site here:

xtool-iobd2-Focus-review (2) xtool-iobd2-Focus-review (1)

Nearly $55 with free shipping.

Connect to the OBD port under the dashboard

Open the Settings on Apple iPAD

xtool-iobd2-Focus-review (3)

Choose network- iOBD2

xtool-iobd2-Focus-review (4)

Read the Static

xtool-iobd2-Focus-review (5)

Open the iOBD2 application

xtool-iobd2-Focus-review (6)

I use iobd2 3.1 version interface

Main menu includes: connection, diagnosis, my dashboard, performance test, settings, history

xtool-iobd2-Focus-review (7)

Connection–> via WIFI

xtool-iobd2-Focus-review (8)

Finish vehicle information, my model: Ford Focus 2010 2.5L petrol


Connection complete


Then i first read Vehicle information

Turn the key on and ignition off.

VIN, Calibration ID, Calibration ID Number display


go to my dashboard

Focus dashboard here

xtool-iobd2-Focus-review (10)

What iOBD2 app display

Idle mode

xtool-iobd2-Focus-review (13) xtool-iobd2-Focus-review (11) xtool-iobd2-Focus-review (12)

Cruise mode

xtool-iobd2-Focus-review (14)

Sport mode

xtool-iobd2-Focus-review (15)

Customer mode

xtool-iobd2-Focus-review (16)


Then go to diagnosis

Diagnostic function list

xtool-iobd2-Focus-review (17)

Choose trouble code, no trouble codes but pending codes there: P0420

xtool-iobd2-Focus-review (18)

Clear trouble codes

xtool-iobd2-Focus-review (20) xtool-iobd2-Focus-review (19)

Back to read live data

xtool-iobd2-Focus-review (21)

Here i read live data of O2S B1, S2

xtool-iobd2-Focus-review (26) xtool-iobd2-Focus-review (22) xtool-iobd2-Focus-review (23) xtool-iobd2-Focus-review (24) xtool-iobd2-Focus-review (25)

Back to do O2 sensor test

xtool-iobd2-Focus-review (27)

Both Bank 1 sensor 1 and bank 1 sensor 2 not supported!

xtool-iobd2-Focus-review (28)

Back to freeze frame, no freeze frame data exist!

xtool-iobd2-Focus-review (29)

Go to On board monitor test

xtool-iobd2-Focus-review (30)

Test on Exhaust gas sensor monitor b1s1

xtool-iobd2-Focus-review (31)

Test on Exhaust gas sensor monitor b1s2

xtool-iobd2-Focus-review (32)


Choose Settings->system unit


xtool-iobd2-Focus-review (34) xtool-iobd2-Focus-review (33)

That’s all what i did with the iOBD2 interface on Focus!


(thanks Farid Louma to write this review. Many thanks)

X-tool iOBD2 OBD2 code scanner for iOS/Android Report

The iOBD2 WIFI or Bluetooth OBD2/EOBD auto code scanner for Apple iOS (iPhone, iPAD, iTouch)/Android is developed by X-tool TECH.


Iobd2 code reader isn’t only a diagnostic reader, this powerful little unit also provides data logging, and a great dashboard which includes your vehicles current MPG, RPM, and so much more. Following are basic information and review gathered to lead to a better understanding of the OBD?adapter.


?General Info.


iOBD2 software (for BMW, VAG etc) works with most 1996 and & newer model year cars and light trucks (OBDII & CAN)-domestic and imported.


Vehicle model:

1.1996 or newer North American cars

2.2001 or newer European Union cars

3.2004 or newer Asian cars


You are free to choose from the three main features of the app once enter the main menu:



—Performance (Performance gauges, fuel economy gauges, engine gauges)




XTool iOBD2 OBD2 scan tool Diagnostics

The Diagnosis page allows you to read DTCs, clear DTCs, Display DTCs, guide maintenance, live data, freeze frame data, readiness test, Oxygen Sensor test, EVAP System test etc. It is the main function designed for the scanner





X-Tool iOBD2 OBD2 adapter Performance

The iOBD2 Performance screen allows you to test to see your cars acceleration, distance travelled, and a time – this would only be suitable for track (Racetrack Mapping).

XTool iOBD2 OBD?interface Dashboard

The iOBD2 Dashboard provides what a usual car dashboard would show, giving the driver the vehicles current speed, RPM, MPG. This section of the app would be great for those vehicles who do not have a trip computer fitted as standard. I know some of the older Ford drivers will love to have something like this in their Focus RS MK1, to keep an eye on the correct car temperatures and intake temperatures.


? IOBD2 Report& Review

IOBD2 Bluetooth/WIFI adapter “Good points”

1. Smart Design

2. Easy to use

3. Directly plug, no wires

5. Support both iOS and Android system

iOBD2 OBD2/EOBD code reader “Bad points”

Need to do some configuration when connecting WIFI or repairing Bluetooth



iOBD2 OBD2 Bluetooth Adapter For iPhone Android


iOBD2, a combination of hardware and app that supports iPhone and Android.

It’s at least as powerful as most low cost on-board diagnostics readers, possibly more so. But it gets the job done in a much more user-friendly way and throws some extra features into the mix. Best of all, it connects wirelessly to your smartphone.


Diagnostic Functions

Support vehicles with OBD II/EOBD protocol.
Read DTC
Clear DTC
Read data stream
Read freeze frame data, vehicle information
Oxygen testing
Mode 6 testing
Evaporative Emission System Leak Detection


iOBD2 Products:

iobd2 model


iOBD2 for iPhone

iOBD2 is a vehicle diagnostic tool for iPhone phones, and it communicates with these smart phones by WIFI. It supports OBDII/EOBDII.

iOBD2 Diagnostic tool for Iphone


iOBD2 for Android

iOBD2 OBDII EOBD Diagnostic Tool for Android By Bluetooth.Input the car models or select the saved car models, then enter the system

iOBD2 for Android


iOBD2 for iPhone/Android

iOBD2 Bluetooth OBD2 EOBD Auto Scanner for iPhone/Android with Bluetooth.It is an app for your car. It turns your iPhone/Android into an advanced display for your engine data.

iOBD2 Bluetooth OBD2 EOBD Auto Scanner Trouble Code Reader for iPhone/Android



iOBD2 BMW Diagnostic Tool for iPhone/iPad

iOBD2 BMW is one of iOBD2 code scanner series which is especially works on BMW car models.It works together with your iPhone or iPad which is IOS system, communication with your iPhone/iPad by Bluetooth/WIFI, support all BMW car models all system diagnose.



iOBD2 Diagnostic Tool for Android for VW AUDI/SKODA/SEAT

iOBD2 VW is a car diagnostic tool designed for VW series cars. It communicates with Android devices via Bluetooth. It can diagnose all the electronic
control systems of VW series cars.




iOBD2 Plug and Play
Install in iphone: Search “iobd2” in Apple APP store,download and install into your phone.
Install in Android: Search”iobd2″ in google play store,downlaod and install into you phone.

iobd2 code scanner



How to install iOBD2 APP into your Phone

Easy to install iOBD2 APP into your device:iPhone, iPad, Android Phone,Android Tablet.

iobd2 code scanner

Install in iPhone

search “iobd2” in Apple APP store,download and install into your iPhone

or visit the APP directly:

Install in Android 

search “iobd2” in google play store,downlaod and install into your Android phone or visit the APP directly:

iOBD2 BMW Diagnostic Tool for iPhone/iPad

iOBD2 BMW is one of iOBD2 code scanner series which is especially works on BMW car models. iOBD2 BMW works together with your iPhone or iPad which is IOS system, communication with your iPhone/iPad by Bluetooth/WIFI, support all BMW car models all system diagnose, support OBDII/EOBD protocol car diagnose, it not only can read car data by the application on your phone, records data like engine speed, ignition time, fuel correction, fuel consumption, coolant temperature, when you are driving the car and shows these data by form or graph format, but also can let you share your car data to social networks.
iobd2 wifi bmw diagnostic tool
iOBD2 BMW Function:
1. Support BMW car model all system diagnose, including Engine, ABS, Airbag, Transmission and so on.
2. Support OBDII/EOBD protocols car diagnose.
3. Support SI-Reset.
4. Record car data like engine speed, ignition time, fuel correction, fuel consumption, coolant temperature
5. EVAP System Test: The purpose of this service is to enable the external test equipment to control the operation of an on-board system, test or component.
6. Read vehicle info: Read vehicle info such as Vehicle Identification Number(VIN), Calibration IDs(CALID) and Calibration Verification Number (CVN).
7. Sensor test: This service is to allow access to the on-board oxygen sensor monitoring test results. The same information may be obtained by the use of [Mode 6 test].
8. Mode 6 test: This service is to allow access to the results for on-board diagnostic monitoring tests of specific components/systems that are not continuously monitored. Examples are catalyst monitoring and the evaporative system monitoring.
9. Emissions Testing: Read and clear diagnostic trouble codes. IM Readiness status