OBD2 Code Reader Comparison: Vident iEasy300 Pro VS Foxwell NT301

This is for those who are looking for Vident ieasy 300 pro and Foxwell NT301 OBD2 code readers.

Comparison Chart:

OBD2 Code Reader Vident iEasy 300 Pro Foxwell NT301
Price 44.99 59.99
Reads generic data and monitors (Mode 1) YES YES
Displays freeze frame data (Mode 2) YES YES
Reads trouble codes (Mode 3) YES YES
Clears all trouble codes for all systems (Mode 4) YES YES
Reads test results for oxygen sensors (Mode 5) YES YES
Reads Non-continuously monitored systems test results (Mode 6) YES YES
Reads pending codes (Mode 7) YES YES
Bi-directional control of the on-board system(Mode 8) YES YES
Oxygen monitor test(Mode 5) YES YES
On board monitor test YES YES
Component test YES YES
Modules Present YES YES
Vehicle information -VIN (Mode 9) YES YES
Reads permanent DTCs (Mode 0A) YES YES
Record and play back OBDII live data YES YES
Graph live data on screen YES YES
Graphs multiple values on screen simultaneously (list how many)
Customize live data YES YES
Reads manufacturer specific codes YES YES
Displays monitor and Inspection Maintenance (I/M) readiness status YES YES
Reads ABS codes
Enhanced mode 6 YES YES
Automatic VIN decoding so no need to select vehicle maker when manufacturer specific codes are found or when doing enhanced mode 6 test YES YES
Built-in DTC lookup YES YES
Hot keys for quick access to most frequently used functions Reading/clearing code and I/M readiness hot keys Reading/clearing code and I/M readiness hot keys
Red-Yellow-Green LEDs indicate monitor status YES YES
Build-in speaker indicate emissions monitor status YES YES
Trouble code tips built-in YES YES
Multilingual – on screen definitions in Englsih/Spanish/French 10 Languages 10 Languages
Includes battery
Memory backup for off-vehicle review YES YES
High resolution LCD color screen 2.4? 2.4?
Display 320*240 pix 320*240 pix
Print vehicle diagnostic report capabilities YES YES


Both Vident and Foxwell scan tools share the same abilities.

But Vident ieasy300 pro is more cost-effective, cheaper than Foxwell NT301.