X431 IDiag app V3.0 cannot work properly on iPhone, how to do?

Some customer told me that they had upgraded their X431 IDiag app to the latest V3.0 version, but the new app cannot log on the new app from their iPhones. Some customers said they could log in but the app would not work at all.

How to solve the problem?

If you have upgraded your app for X431 IDiag scanner to V3.0, please uninstall the app and download a relative old V2.8 version instead.

If you have not upgraded your X431 IDiag app, please keep using the old version.

What causes the problem?

We are sorry for the inconvenience. The new app is recently submitted to the App Store, but due to a server problem, the app is disabled. We have re-submitted a new V3.0 X431 IDiag app to the App Store. After the app is approved, you will be able to upgrade the app successfully.

iOS 8 lets apps quick easy login in Safari

iOS 8 lets apps access Safari AutoFill credentials for quick & easy login

In iOS 8, Apple is making the process of logging into apps a much smoother experience by allowing native iOS apps to access usernames and passwords stored in Safari. The new feature, which works by letting iOS apps tap into Safari’s AutoFill & Passwords feature, will allow users to login to apps with a simple tap rather than having to type login info. Imagine your username and password are stored in Safari’s AutoFill for Facebook, for example. When launching the native Facebook iOS app, the feature will let users select from passwords stored in Safari to quickly login (as pictured above with Apple’s demo “Shiny” app).

The new feature will first require developers to support it by associating their apps with their websites. The process involves developers adding one file to their website and one new entitlement to their iOS app in order to verify the services are

associated. They will then be able to take advantage of a couple easy to use APIs that let them request credentials stored in Safari and present them to the user at log-in. For apps that don’t have associated login data stored in Safari yet, apps using the feature will be able to save and/or update to Safari AutoFill and iCloud Keychain directly from within the app. The feature makes the process of logging into web apps and native apps more seamless, allowing both to access the same stored credentials from Safari.


Apple said it hopes the feature will increase app engagement and solve the problem of users leaving apps while getting frustrated with the login experience. Safari’s AutoFill & Passwords are also synced to iCloud Keychain, allowing you to access the Safari credentials in apps across all of your devices including Mac.

It’s part of Apple’s push for “Continuity” in iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 Yosemite, which allows users to seamlessly transition from an app or task on one device to another across iOS and OS X. Apple’s Handoff Continuity feature also attempts to bridge the gap between web apps and native apps. While it allows users to easily transition between native iOS apps to OS X apps— imagine picking up where you left off in a document across platforms—  it will also allow app developers to send users to an associated website if a native app isn’t available.

MST-SOS2 Firefly Plus MST-SOS0 Jump Start Emergency Charger for Cars & Phone

MST-SOS2 Firefly Multi-Function Emergency Car Jump Starter for Cars & Phone

MST-SOS2 Highlights:

1. Easy to use. This one can directly connect to your mobile phone by USB for charging. You can charge your phone easily, general use 2000mHA battery cell phone, MST-SOS2 can give 3-5 phones full electricity.
2. Provide emergency Jump start for your car. You do not have to worry your car battery do not have long stand by time now. Use MST-SOS2 you can take it easy.

3. We provide instruction in package teach you how to use this tool.

12000mAh MST-SOS0 Jump Start Emergency Charger for Mobile/Laptop/Car 

Highlight for MST-SOS0 Jump Start:

1. Big capacity: It has 12000mAh
2. Main unit has LCD screen show you battery status.

3. With over-load protector, no need to worry about short circuit, very safe for use.

MST-SOS0 Function:

Charging for the common mobile phone(5v), notebook(19v), electronic product. It could be used as a lighting and warning lamp(SOS) as automobile starter emergency start power.
1: Car emergency start charging
2: Mobile phone charge
3: Notebook charging

4: Lighting and warning(SOS) lamp

Click the picture to learn more:

MST-SOS2 Emergency Charger Plus MST-SOS0 Emergency Charger

iOS 8 time lapse feature

As shown in our recent top hidden features article, iOS 8 has a new built-in time-lapse camera mode. This feature will allow you to explore the world of time-lapse photography and capture stunning visuals. This is definitely a nifty little feature, but thanks to a new video posted by YouTuber iTwe4kz, we now have a good look at what this mode is capable of on an iPhone 5s.

In the video below, iTwe4kz shows off the time-lapse mode in various situations. The demonstration is nothing short of amazing and hopefully this feature makes it to the public release of iOS 8. What do you think about this new camera mode? I probably won’t use it very often, but it’s nice to have the option.

Top 10 useful features of iOS 8

These are just a few of the excellent features iOS 8 to offer. Be sure to check out the full top 10 list below :

  • Quick Reply (Banners and Alerts)
  • QuickType
  • Audio/Video reply
  • Do Not Disturb for Messages
  • New Mail app options
  • Spotlight Suggestions
  • Photos app editing features
  • “Hey Siri” command
  • Favorite and recent contacts in app switcher
  • Edit Notification Center features