MST-SOS2 Firefly Plus MST-SOS0 Jump Start Emergency Charger for Cars & Phone

MST-SOS2 Firefly Multi-Function Emergency Car Jump Starter for Cars & Phone

MST-SOS2 Highlights:

1. Easy to use. This one can directly connect to your mobile phone by USB for charging. You can charge your phone easily, general use 2000mHA battery cell phone, MST-SOS2 can give 3-5 phones full electricity.
2. Provide emergency Jump start for your car. You do not have to worry your car battery do not have long stand by time now. Use MST-SOS2 you can take it easy.

3. We provide instruction in package teach you how to use this tool.

12000mAh MST-SOS0 Jump Start Emergency Charger for Mobile/Laptop/Car 

Highlight for MST-SOS0 Jump Start:

1. Big capacity: It has 12000mAh
2. Main unit has LCD screen show you battery status.

3. With over-load protector, no need to worry about short circuit, very safe for use.

MST-SOS0 Function:

Charging for the common mobile phone(5v), notebook(19v), electronic product. It could be used as a lighting and warning lamp(SOS) as automobile starter emergency start power.
1: Car emergency start charging
2: Mobile phone charge
3: Notebook charging

4: Lighting and warning(SOS) lamp

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MST-SOS2 Emergency Charger Plus MST-SOS0 Emergency Charger