How to Solve HUMZOR NexzDAS Lite cannot connect Bluetooth on Andriod

Problem: I used HUMZOR NexzDAS Lite to connect Bluetooth on my Andriod. But I failed. The NexzDAS App cannot read any device information.

Here is the solution for the NexzDAS users.

Step 1: Connect to HUMZOR NexzDAS Lite

Exit your app

Turn on the ignition switch

Plug the HUMZOR NexzDAS Lite into OBD port

Check if the NexzDAS Lite is flashing a red light or not

Step 2: Connect to Bluetooth

Open the NexzDAS App

Click the Bluetooth logo in the upper right corner to connect to Bluetooth

Step 3: Download the NexzDAS Lite latest software

If the NexzDAS Lite version is old, you can download the latest software from

Note: You must update your android system to at least 5.0. When you use the latest NexzDAS software 3.8, do not change the password. It cannot login if you change the password.

Step 4: Download the third-party software  

If you follow the above instructions, the Bluetooth still cannot be connected. Advise you to use third-party software.

Step-by step guides as below.

  • Scan the software code in the following picture and download directly

  • Install the software downloaded
  • Turn on the ignition switch again

Plug the NexzDAS Lite into OBD port

Open the NexzDAS App

Click the Bluetooth logo in the upper right corner shown cannot connect

Click Bluetooth connection starting with H as below