Mini Viecar ELM327 scanner on Samsung Phone  

I got a mini Bluetooth elm327 OBD2 adapter for my Toyota Matrix 2005. I figured out that the tip is to get a mini version, in that case you can stock it in without having to loosen the bolts. Many software available for this mini scanner, but I decided to use it with Torque, because the great app is free. I have Torque installed on my Samsung NOTE 2. My mini Viecar adapter can be applied on Android and windows as well. But I prefer to hook it up to work via Bluetooth on my Phone.

I first connected the mini elm327 scan tool into the diagnostic socket, downloaded Torque software on Google Play Center and installed the free software to my phone. Searching Viecar2.0 Bluetooth after open Bluetooth setting. Than enter the pair code 0000.But my Samsung said “Paired but not connected”. I have to refer the user menu and figured out where the problem lies. Then I went into the configuration of Torque as follows: when you first open Torque, press the parameters icon, then press “Settings” and finally select“OBD2 Adapter Settings”, “Choose Bluetooth Type” and “Viecar V2.0”. I activated the “Faster communication” parameter and since then has worked well.

I suppose different elm327 adapters have different pair code. But in order to avoid my mistake, make sure do some basic setting (Choose connection type and Bluetooth connection device etc).

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I have tried several cars, 2004 Toyota Caldina GT-Four, 2002 Toyota IST(also called 2005 Scion Xa), 2003 Nissan Sunny B15 etc. The Viecar adapter enabled me to get the fault codes from the plug successfully.I have tried both with the ignition on and the engine running. I have also tried disabling the elm327 automotive adjust and with try faster communication. Nice display parameters, cruse control, door remote etc. I gave the OBD2 scanner 5 stars because I feel $10 for the device is great deal. Just think about the price and you wont be disappointed.

ELM327 comparison table

ELM327 code scanner comparison table:

product Name and Item NO PC-Based Iphone iPad iPod Android Bluetooth WIFI Mini
elm-327-aluminum-sc01 ELM327 CANBUS With aluminum shell(Item No. SC01) PC-Based
elm327-vgate-scan-advanced-obd2-scan-sc76 Elm327 vgate(Item No. SC76) Android Symbian
elm327-bluetooth-obd2-scanner-plastic-sc03 ELM327 Bluetooth with Plastic shell(Item No. SC03) PC-based Bluetooth
elm327-scanner-software-usb-plastic-with-ft232rl-chip-sc02 ELM327 Plastic with FT232RL Chip(Item No. SC02) PC-based
wifi-elm327-wireless-obd2-auto-scanner-adapter-scan-sc133 ELM327 WIFI for iPhone iPad iPod (Item No. SC133) iPhone iPad Ipod Bluetooth WIFI
wifiobd-device-SO71 WiFi OBD2 scanner for Apple iPad iPhone iPod Touch(Item No. SO71) iPhone iPad Ipod WIFI
new-mini-elm327-bluetooth-obd2-v15-sc104 MINI ELM327 Bluetooth(Item No. SC104) PC-base Bluetooth Mini
wifi327-wifi-obd2-eobd-scan-tool-sc133-c ELM327 WIFI for Android iPhone/iPad (Item No. SC133-C) iPhone iPad Ipod Android WIFI
elm327-obdii-wifi-diagnostic-wireless-scanner-sc133-b Wifi ELM327 Apple iPhone Touch(Item No.SC133-B) PC-based iPhone iPad Ipod Bluetooth WIFI
2013-new-code-reader-tool-super-mimi-elm327-sc03-b mini ELM327 WiFi with Switch work with iPhone(Item No. SC157 ) iPhone iPad Ipod WIFI Mini
elm327-bluetooth-version-can-bus-eobd-scan-tool-sc03-b ELM327 Bluetooth CAN BUS(Item No. SC03-B) PC-based Bluetooth
elm327-v-1-4-usb-plastic-scanner-new-sc02-b USB ELM327 plastic with FT232RL Chip (Item No. SC02-B) PC-based
super-mini-elm327-bluetooth-new-sc158 Super Mini ELM327 Bluetooth with Power Switch (Item No. SC158) Android Bluetooth Mini

VGATE WIFI OBD Multiscan Elm327 for Android PC iPhone iPad

(Item No. SC76-B)

PC-based iPhone iPad Ipod Android Mini
mini-elm327-bluetooth-obd2-sc104-b MINI ELM327 Bluetooth white(Item No. SC104-B) PC-based Bluetooth Mini
new-mini-elm327-bluetooth-obd2-black-sc104-c MINI?ELM327?Bluetooth (black)(Item No. SC104-C) PC-based Bluetooth Mini
mini-elm327-interface-viecar-obd2-bluetooth-scanner-sc264 MINI ELM327 Interface Viecar 2.0 OBD2 Bluetooth for Android and windows (Item No. SC264) PC-based Android Bluetooth Mini
elm327-plastic-obdii-eobd-canbus-scanner-with-2102-chip-sc02-d Elm327 plastic with 2102 chip(Item No. SC02-D) PC-based
wifi-elm327-obd2-car-diagnostic-tool-sc76-d WIFI ELM327 for Android and iOS iPhone/iPad(Item No.SC76-D) PC-based iPhone iPad Ipod Android WIFI Mini
super-mini-elm327-bluetooth-version-sc104-d Super MINI ELM327 Bluetooth Black(Item No.SC104-D) PC-based Bluetooth Mini
mini-elm327-bluetooth-interface-sc104-e Mini ELM327 Bluetooth(Item No.SC104-E) PC-based Android + Symbian Bluetooth Mini
super-mini-elm327-bluetooth-obd2-scanner-sc104-f Super Mini ELM327 Bluetooth OBD2 CANBUS scanner(Item No. SC104-F) PC-based Android +Symbian Bluetooth Mini
super-mini-elm327-bluetooth-obd2-white-sc104-g Super MINI ELM327 Bluetooth OBD2 White(Item No. SC104-G) PC-based Android Bluetooth Mini