iPhone 6 Unboxing Video

As the first reviews of both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus hit the Internet, T3 took the opportunity to post the first unboxing of the iPhone 6, depicting the specific packaging and layout of the box for the smaller device. 

The video starts off showing off the new packaging for the iPhone 6, which, unlike the packaging for other Apple products, does not feature a color photo of the device on the outside. Instead, the box features a white, textured silhouette of the device inside. The rest of the video goes through standard unboxing protocol, showing off included documentation, the EarPods and the Lightning cable. 

Apple will begin selling both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus this Friday, September 19. The standard 16 GB configuration of the iPhone 6 will start at $199 with a two-year contract while the iPhone 6 Plus will start at $299.

iPhone 6 Clone Passed Off as Real Product to Street-Goers

While Apple next-generation iPhone is still over a month away from being announced, a number of clones from various companies have hit the market to try and capitalize on customer anticipation. In a video posted to his channel, YouTuber Jonathan Morrison took Goophone’s “i6” clone to Hollywood Boulevard to see if people would see the Android-based device as a real iPhone 6.


Individuals were told that the clone was the iPhone 6 and came with a number of new features, including an eight-day battery life, an “A10” processor, and a high-resolution 8K sapphire display with 3D capabilities. Most people in fact believed those features, with one man proclaiming the phone felt “super fast” and another saying that the display “looked much clearer” than the display on his iPhone 5s.

At one point, a young individual in a crowd asks “How many milliamps does it have?” Morrison replies with “7,000”, causing the person to respond “How does that fit in there?!” Others were also told about additional features, with one woman believing that the phone’s photos were too high of a resolution for its screen, and a man in awe over the claimed “26-core” processor.

After being asked about Apple’s efforts in comparison to Samsung’s, one man even claims that the device is “really great” and that Apple has “caught up with this one.” Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel pulled a similar prank on Hollywood Boulevard last month, with his team showing pedestrians a $20 Casio watch and claiming it to be Apple’s long-awaited iWatch.

iOBD2 Demo

Projetado para proprietários de carros e entusiastas, conecta seu telefone inteligente sem fio (WI-FI para Iphone/Ipad e BT para Andróid) ao Sistema de informações de seu veículo, via tomada de diagnóstico 16pinos (padrão na maioria dos veículos 1998 em diante) – OBDII e EOBD.

Fornece Ao-Vivo os dados atuais do motor incluindo listagem de códigos completos de falhas e componentes do motor.

Conectividade é feita via Bluetooth (Android) ou wi-fi (iPhone / iPod) do smartphone do usuário para o Hardware iOBD2 que é rápido e simples.

Uma vez o software baixado iOBD2 (gratuito) e instalado, você pode, então, selecione o seu veículo no menu, em em seguida, a comunicação será estabelecida.

Clique e baixe o Software GRATUÍTO para que seu IOBD2 funcione no seu veículo !