How to make ELM327 work with J1850 PWM

I got myself an Elm327 V1.5 but I found that it will not work on J1850 VPW J1850 PWM protocol especial for most Fords. But it did work like a charm on cars.

My idea came from a post in forum. Thanks Atom from Poland. I got the post translated into English, then I tried it out on my 2001 MK3 duratec 1.8 and it works like a charm. So I make my new version.

I have to confirm that the method only fits for elm327 V1.5 as mine and I have no responsibility if your elm327 is blow up or broken.

Equipment needs:

Screw driver


Solder iron with very small bit and solder


About 10 mm of insulated small-gauge wire

Then do as follows:

1) Peel off the cover of the elm327 main unit and remove the four screws by using screw driver, take these out and set the box apart.

2) Check the elm327 inside is like this

elm32714 1

3) You will notice that there is a PCB tack running between T5 and T2 there. Hook up a multimeter to check the continuity between the emitter of T5 and the emitter of T2 (on the side with two legs). If there is continuity, you should use the knife to cut between T2 and T5 as shown in red below.

elm32714 2

4) Check between the emitters of T5 and T2 to make sure there is no continuity any more.

5) Solder a short length of wire between the emitter of T5 and the emitter of T1 or Pin1 of the output connector. Be carful not to apply too much heat to T5 and T1.

elm32714 3

6) Again use the multimeter to test the continuity between T5 and Pin1 output connector. Ensure there is stable continuity.

7) Reassemble the elm327 main unit and try to test on J1850 PWM system.


The job is done.


Mini Viecar ELM327 scanner on Samsung Phone  

I got a mini Bluetooth elm327 OBD2 adapter for my Toyota Matrix 2005. I figured out that the tip is to get a mini version, in that case you can stock it in without having to loosen the bolts. Many software available for this mini scanner, but I decided to use it with Torque, because the great app is free. I have Torque installed on my Samsung NOTE 2. My mini Viecar adapter can be applied on Android and windows as well. But I prefer to hook it up to work via Bluetooth on my Phone.

I first connected the mini elm327 scan tool into the diagnostic socket, downloaded Torque software on Google Play Center and installed the free software to my phone. Searching Viecar2.0 Bluetooth after open Bluetooth setting. Than enter the pair code 0000.But my Samsung said “Paired but not connected”. I have to refer the user menu and figured out where the problem lies. Then I went into the configuration of Torque as follows: when you first open Torque, press the parameters icon, then press “Settings” and finally select“OBD2 Adapter Settings”, “Choose Bluetooth Type” and “Viecar V2.0”. I activated the “Faster communication” parameter and since then has worked well.

I suppose different elm327 adapters have different pair code. But in order to avoid my mistake, make sure do some basic setting (Choose connection type and Bluetooth connection device etc).

1 2 3
I have tried several cars, 2004 Toyota Caldina GT-Four, 2002 Toyota IST(also called 2005 Scion Xa), 2003 Nissan Sunny B15 etc. The Viecar adapter enabled me to get the fault codes from the plug successfully.I have tried both with the ignition on and the engine running. I have also tried disabling the elm327 automotive adjust and with try faster communication. Nice display parameters, cruse control, door remote etc. I gave the OBD2 scanner 5 stars because I feel $10 for the device is great deal. Just think about the price and you wont be disappointed.

How to install iOBD2 APP into your Phone

Easy to install iOBD2 APP into your device:iPhone, iPad, Android Phone,Android Tablet.

iobd2 code scanner

Install in iPhone

search “iobd2” in Apple APP store,download and install into your iPhone

or visit the APP directly:

Install in Android 

search “iobd2” in google play store,downlaod and install into your Android phone or visit the APP directly:

How to get Ford Focus rear view mirror heating function?

Even since the rear view mirror heating function was reduced in 2009, Ford Focus cars tend to have blurred rear view mirror in rainy days. Today, I will show you how to recover the function.

Tools you need:

1pcs of ELM 327 scanner

1pcs of screwdriver

1pcs of sleeve


  1. Pry out the car window switch plate with the screwdriver;
  2. Twist off 2 screws mounted on the doorknob with the sleeve, and then remove the door plate;
  3. Remove the cover of the loudspeaker on the upper right inside the door plate and twist off two screws that fix the rear view mirror assembly;

X431 IDiag app V3.0 cannot work properly on iPhone, how to do?

Some customer told me that they had upgraded their X431 IDiag app to the latest V3.0 version, but the new app cannot log on the new app from their iPhones. Some customers said they could log in but the app would not work at all.

How to solve the problem?

If you have upgraded your app for X431 IDiag scanner to V3.0, please uninstall the app and download a relative old V2.8 version instead.

If you have not upgraded your X431 IDiag app, please keep using the old version.

What causes the problem?

We are sorry for the inconvenience. The new app is recently submitted to the App Store, but due to a server problem, the app is disabled. We have re-submitted a new V3.0 X431 IDiag app to the App Store. After the app is approved, you will be able to upgrade the app successfully.

Reveal Ford Focus hidden functions with ELM327 scanner

Recently, Ford Focus owners are getting excited because hidden functions of the vehicle are now accessible. However, since the original Ford IDS diagnositc cable, the tool to open these funcitons is so costly that car owners are hestitate to try.

Now, I would like to introduce my way to open these functions with $19.99 ELM327 scanner.

Step 1: Create a backup of the vehicle data in case anything goes wrong.

Step 2: Find OBD port, and conenct ELM327 with your car and your laptop.

conenct ELM327

Step 3: Turn on the ignition key and shift to the 2nd gear.

Step 4: Run the ELM327 software and start ROM upgrade. The ELM327 tool working light will blink. Wait for a few minutes later, the hidden functions will be available then.

Run the ELM327 software and start ROM upgrade

Step 5: Now your dashboard will warn TPMS fault, indicating that the hidden TPMS reading function is now available.

Reveal Ford Focus hidden functions with ELM327 scanner step 5

Step 6: Restart the EPS module to eliminate the TPMS fault warning.

Reveal Ford Focus hidden functions with ELM327 scanner step 6

Step 7: Enter dashboard setting and save the tire preseure.

Step 8: Long press the remote key and you will find that your sunroof can open and close automatically.

Step 9: Go for a trip and shift from the 1st gear to the 7th gear during the driving, and your car will be able to lock your vehilce from the inside. By now, you are finished.

I have opened functions such as overpeed warning, automatic lock, tire pressure monitoring, remote sunroof control and cruise control. A friend of mine who has installed xenon lamp can even adopts the tool to open xenon model, keeping his car computer from alarming because of the use of xenon lamp.

User experience with 1.5V elm327 WIFI

Once I played with an OBD2 connector, ELM327, which can see various datas from the computer of the car via smart phones, iphone, ipad and ipod.

It seems like can also reset and display of the error codes, but I do not know well yet.

There are two ways of connection, via WiFi connection and Bluetooth connection the iPhone. (Like Bluetooth version, Android is somewhat cumbersome.) I have ordered the WiFi myself, so iPhone users. (US$24.99 now)


Insert face down the label of the ELM327 device to the vehicle as picture.


Now, it is confirmed by WiFi setting screen of the iPhone then. It is named CLKDevices here. this device name is different from people to people. However, as the IP address and subnet mask is the same as everyone.

ELM327 wifi

I was able to WiFi settings in the app without any problems. It was OK just to select the Kiwi WiFi in HardWare of Settings. It was a mile display by default, changes to the display Km was also possible.

Fuel level indicator in the CLA does not seem to work properly from it. In the state of just rammed the iPhone accessory case on the center console, only chiller while driving


Therefore, above is about my experience with 1.5V elm327 WIFI, and it is also a Bluetooth version and other similar items, for iphones, ipad, smart phones and so on.

Go to check: Wifi ELM327 Scanner for iPad iPhone

Why X431 idiag is popular and available for DIYers?

First of all, X431 idiag is researched and developed by Launch Technology based on more than 20-year auto diagnostic experience.

Secondly, it is applied to mobile terminal and internet available new design diagnostic device, including android smart phones, iphones, ipad, and itouch and so on. In this way, many users could access to diagnosis anytime and anywhere.

Thirdly, x431 idiag could use device connector to connect mobile terminals’ Bluetooth, enabling to diagnostic full vehicle model and full systems diagnosis, including reading faults codes, clear fault codes, read vehicle data flow, action testing and special functions and so on.

x431 idiag

Fourthly, it combines the advantages of internet application, providing users with more applications and services, including repair cases and cases data, timely repair information, public and private communities and so on.

In this case, it builds up a universal automotive diagnostic community, which enables people to share and make use of repair and maintenance knowledge, repair experience exchange, repair service support online.

Four aspects make sure the DIYers convenient and simple operation on x431 series useage, accurate and efficient diagnosis on diyers own vehicles.