Steps use iOBD2 with iphone to diagnose your car

Setps To use iOBD2 with Iphone to diagnose your car, it also can be used in Android system.

1.Plug the iOBD2 into the OBD connector on the car. Remember to check whether it is connected firmly.

2.Download the free iOBD2 app from APP store on your iPhone.

3.Select setting.

4.Select Wi-Fi.

5.Select iOBD2 network.

6.Fill the IP address and subnet mask. IP address: Subnet mask:

7.Turn off the cellular data on iPhone to check whether the IP address is set successfully. The IP address is set when the Wi-Fi indicator displays on the status bar.

8.Turn the ignition on. Then open the iOBD2 app and press connection button to select the car model to connect iOBD2 with the car.