AUTOPHIX CARAPP T300 scanner for IOS and Android system

AUTOPHIX CARAPP -T300 supports IOS and Android operating system including iPhone,iPad,Android Phone. the product is simple to install,which realizes the perfect combination of technology and application.T300 not only has OBDII diagnostic capabilities,but also has horsepower test , performance test,fuel consumption test and trip analysis capabilities.T300 can also tests horsepower, torque, one hundred kilometers acceleration of our cars. Car lovers can share their testing process with their friends, ignite the passion of car life.


AUTOPHIX CARAPP -T300  Functions:


• Horsepower Test

-Real-time display the torque
– speed
– horsepower
– rotate speed and power of the car
• Performance Testing
-100km/h performance test: test the speed reaches 100km/h(or Miles/hour)performance.
-100m performance test:test the performance of the car traveling 100 meters (or yards).
-Braking distance: test the performance of the brakes to stop.
-Custom: Test speed from the start to the end of the speed performance of the car. When the vehicle
-Sharing function
• Trip Analysis
– “Running time”: displaying the running time;
  – “Mileage”: displaying the running mileage of the vehicle;
 – “Water temperature”: displaying the current water temperature;
  – “Current speed”: displaying the current speed of the vehicle;
 – “Average speed”: calculating the average running speed;
– “Acceleration”: calculating the velocity change between current second and the last second.
• Checking Data Stream
-Basic data stream
-More data stream
• Fuel Consumption Test
-Fuel cost
-Instant LPH/100km
-Average LHK/100km
-Instant LPH/hour-Average LPH/hour
• Detection of Fault Code and Freeze Frame
-Retrieves vehicle information (car name, fuel type, VIN ,time)
-fault code
-freeze frame data
-History data