AM-Harley Motorcycle Diagnostic Tool with Bluetooth Android

AM-Harley is our latest multi-platform motorcycle diagnostic scanners for Harley.It can use installing on mobile phone that with android system, tablet, PC and desktop. Work on Android and Windows XP system, it can test all Harley Motorcycle models.
AM-Harley Motorcycle Diagnostic Tool Features:
1. Supported Language: English Only
2. Software Version: 1.2
3. Mini Harley Motorcycle diagnostic tool
4. Support mobile phone, tablet, PC and desktop
5. Support Android and Windows XP system
6. Support all Harley Motorcycle models
7. Test engine, brake, instrument, audio and IMMO
8. Read ECU version and fault codes, test element, data stream and adjustment etc
9. Support Bluetooth wireless and USB cable both communication. USB cable 3 meters, Bluetooth 2.4 GHZ max 10-30 meters;
10. Upgrade: on line
11. Support print on pc
AM-Harley Functions:
1. Read ECU Version
2. Read Fault Code
3. Clear Fault Code
4. Read Data Stream
5. Actuator testing
6. Test Ignition system, Injection System, IMMO system, ABS system, Instrument System and Audio system.