Rev and DashCommand iOS app, which is better for OBD?Scanner

There are a couple of iOS apps that wirelessly connect to ELM327 OBscan tool through an ad hoc network (WANET). The two most highly rated iOS apps appear to be Rev and Dashcommand. But which is the best to work with these OBD scanners? Let’s explore it.


Torque Pro is an Android based app to work with Bluetooth ELM327 adaptors.


Rev is an application for the iPhone and iPod Touch to work with wifi elm327 scanners that monitors, displays, and records real-time vehicle data by communicating directly with your vehicle’s ECU via its OBD-II port.

Rev can monitor and record several vehicle metrics in real-time:

Detect Engine codes

Readiness Monitors

Freeze Frame Data

Vehicle Speed (including 0-60 time)


Fuel Consumption

Engine Coolant Temperature

Fuel Pressure

Car battery voltage

*Supported metrics are specific to vehicle make and model.


What Rev app cannot do:

Do not read VIN


DashCommand is a touch screen friendly software app for iPhone and iPod touch and is designed to work with wifi OBD2 interfaces.

Detect Engine codes

Readiness Monitors

Freeze Frame data

Vehicle Speed (including 0-60 time)

Display live data (Timing,Coolant temp,MAP,Lambda,AFR,O2 Sensor,Intake temp, Ambient Temp, Catalyst temp, MAF, and Fuel Pressure etc)


Detect horsepower, torque or acceleration in real time

Monitor and improve your gas mileage

Fuel consumption

Skid pad

Race Track



The Difference between Rev and DashComand based on customer’s feedback:

1) Rev app can read and clear DTCs. But DashCommand with OBD cable can read faults codes but cannot clear them.

2) DashCommand seemed to be a little better with real RPM’s, intake temps, coolant temps, timing, MAF, and MAP

3) DashCommand seems to be working harder to add nice little touches and features to their app. It support frequently update.

4) DashCommand has more live data options than Rev app.

5) Rev is currently priced at $39.99

DashCommand can be free download at

Free download DashCommand app:

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